I co-founded Outliers Wellbeing in April 2020 knowing it was exactly the right thing to do. Following a few beers with Gavin (co-founder) at my brother’s wedding, we knew we had the ideas, drive and mindset to set up an organisation that can be successful and do things the ‘right way’. Since leaving school I’ve played professional football, studied sports performance, coached professionally, worked as a personal trainer and set up my own wellbeing organisation, that I later sold. Throughout all of these ventures and professions, I wasn’t completely settled, but there was always a common denominator, and that was working with people, developing where possible and inspiring to the best of my ability.

Throughout my career I have developed what I believe to be my greatest asset, that being the ability to listen, understand the individual and communicate effectively. Whether board level, front line employees or world leader, my outlook is that we’re all people, and all have something we’d like support with.

I love being an entrepreneur, embrace the highs and lows and remain true to my purpose and values. I have an amazing wife, Fiona and the most amazing daughter, Dorothy, who motivate and inspire me every day. Exercise, challenges and fitness are ‘my thing’ but in recent years I’ve become far more holistic with how I look after my wellbeing… I’m a work in progress but aren’t we all.