Lara spent two years in the Finance Industry and saw first-hand how detrimental stress was on people’s mental well-being. Many of her colleagues were signed off for stress and there was little support provided by her company.


Lara had been practising Yoga for about 5 years and noticed how beneficial it was, not only physically but also mentally. So, she began sharing it with colleagues and introduced Mental Health Workshops to her Team. After seeing how effective it was, she decided to fully commit herself towards helping other companies introduce wellness initiatives.


Lara now teaches Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork to Companies and offers 1-2-1 Stress Coaching Sessions for those who want to get to the root cause of their stress.

If you’re new to Yoga and want to practice then you can find her FREE Yoga Classes here:


​​She believes that everyone has the power to find peace, harmony and joy in everyday activities and for her, Yoga encouraged that perspective.


Lara lives in London and her newfound joy during lockdown has been Qi Gong. So, if she’s not practising Yoga, you’ll probably find her using her bamboo tapper or Gua Sha tools!