Hugh is an ex-Royal Marines Officer who escaped the city to focus on making people feel great. He specialises in improving peoples’ mobility, eradicating back pain and building bespoke programmes.

Hugh is a trainee Osteopath, a qualified Personal Trainer holding a Diploma in Nutrition and a qualified kettlebell instructor. He also possesses a Level 1 in Strength and Conditioning. He has years of experience helping people not only out of pain but also back into peak physical fitness.

His interest in health was initially sparked when he witnessed his Wife going from being an avid hockey player to not being able to stand. This led to Hugh’s continued drive to learn more and understand how to optimise health through nutrition, mindset and training.

His time in the Royal Marines has left him with a lifelong fascination with health, leadership, philosophy, personal performance and how the people you least expect often have the most to offer.

When he is not trying to listen more and speak less you will find him swinging a kettlebell, rowing at sea or shouting deserved profanities at the Scotland rugby team!