I started watching the 6 min Outliers Well Being video and after about 1 min and 34 seconds, I knew I had to be a part of this company in some way shape or form. I had heard before that someday the randomness of life will work itself out and this was the point that 7 years as a British Army Officer, 3 years of running then selling a food business, Co-creating Untamed Events and qualifying as a financial adviser seemed to merge into a perfect fit.

After a chat with Matt and Gav where we all passed the ‘would you go for a beer with this person’ acid test, it was an easy decision to make a career adjustment. I understand that I am a supporter profile and as such helping people bring me ultimate happiness. The ability to combine all of my previous learnings into this venture was so exciting I couldn’t wait more than 3 days to get started! Now as an Operations Outlier and Financial Wellbeing Enlightener I can bring all my skills to bear.
In my own time I have recently become a father to Phoenix and married to his mother and my Shield Maiden; Michelle. We work at things as a team which allows me to do the other things in life that I love; running (most of the time), hiking with friends (when the uphill bits are over) and socialising over a beer or two (some of it is brewed with a friend). My aim is to keep pushing myself with new challenges, the biggest on the horizon is rowing the Atlantic in 2024 and running an ultra marathon in December 2021… I have said it now, so feel free to hold me accountable because we all need a bit of help with that!!