Ep. 7 Outliers Podcast – International Women’s Day Special


Today is international woman’s day and I am I’m joined by two incredible women from Outliers Wellbeing.

Dr Natalie Campbell is a psychologist, academic and consultant and Dr Jenn Gandhi, who you might recognise from a previous podcast, is an elite sports performance psychologist.

These two are fantastic guests and we have a great chat about everything from changing cultural attitudes and role models to menopause and what’s behind International Woman’s Day.

I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed speaking to these two awesome humans.

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Ep 9. Outliers Wellbeing Podcast – Maisie Wallace

Voice Communications are a fantastic PR and marketing agency founded by Nichola Cain, they’re a fellow B Corp business and all-round great people.

I was first introduced to Voice Communications nearly two years ago and I’ve loved everything they do and how they do it ever since.

When we talk about a value and purpose led business that don’t just talk the talk, these guys are the real deal.

Maisie is one of my favourite humans, she’s been so amazing and generous to us over the past year that I just had to get on the pod.

We have a great chat about the importance of wellbeing at Voice, how it’s implemented, her own story with mental wellbeing and how she has stepped up to be the wellbeing ambassador for the business.

We also talk about how she has been coping working for a UK company whilst living in France, what it means to be a B Corp and we even chat a little about PR and marketing.

Website and social media link scan be found below.

Instagram: @voicecommns
Facebook: Voice Communications
LinkedIn: Voice Communications
Twitter: @VoiceComms

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Ep. 8 Outliers Podcast – Nigel Ward

Today I’m talking to Nigel Ward who definitely ticks all of those boxes.

Nigel is the founder, director and author of Using Less Stuff and The Cost Reduction Company.

Using Stuff Less helps businesses, schools, teams, individuals etc to reduce their environmental impact whilst also reducing costs, simply by using less stuff.

It’s not as straightforward as you might think and Nigel has a real flair and passion that really helps the message resonate with people of all ages.

He’s a really good bloke and we have a great chat about his journey from the military to hospitality and then onto helping people save money and help the environment simply by using less stuff.

I loved this chat with Nigel, we get straight into things and hit the ground running, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed speaking with him.

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The Cost Reduction Company:

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Ep.6 Outliers Podcast – B Corp Special


We wanted to do a B Corp special for 2 reasons. 1. Because it’s B Corp month and 2. Because we are thrilled, excited and proud to announce that Outliers Wellbeing are officially B Corp certified.

Ed takes the reins for this podcast with co-founders Matt and Gavin answering the questions.

We discuss what a B Corp is, why we became a B Corp and how we found the application process.

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We are officially a fully fledged B-Corp!

We’re very proud to announce that we are officially a fully fledged B-Corp!

When Matthew Lock and Gavin Eivers co-founded Outliers Wellbeing in March 2020, their primary motivation was simply to do corporate wellbeing and provision better and to build a business based on our core values and purpose.

We played around with our purpose for ages and finally settled on Wellbeing for People, Business and the Planet. With a purpose like that, it was a no-brainer that we should apply to become a B-Corp.

B-Corp is a certification that shows that a business has been assessed and verified to meet the highest standards for environmental and social performance…basically checking we practice what we preach!

Becoming a B Corp UK means so much to us, we want people, businesses and clients to know what we stand for, why we’re different and that we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to looking after people and the planet.

We wanted to announce our B-Corp status today as it is the start of #bcorpmonth – we’ve got lots of great things planned to celebrate the B-Corp community, so stay tuned!